Green Moving Practices

Moving may be inherently unfriendly to the environment given that carting stuff around means expending lots of fuel and emitting a lot of pollutants, but there are ways to “relocate responsibly.”

All American Corporation is committed to the conservation of our natural resources. To this end, All American is continually evaluating material and equipment for energy efficiency, reusability and recycling.


Currently All American utilizes reusable plastic tote bins made of recycled materials for all commercial moves. We also provide residential customers with corrugated boxes and packing products made of 60% or more post-consumer recycled materials.

The All American fleet of vehicles are inspected before each use to ensure they are functioning at optimum efficiency. This practice maximizes fuel efficiency, reduces emissions and extends the life of each vehicle. As older All American vehicles are replaced with most up-to-date units, including those that operate on bio-diesel, retired vehicles are converted to storage trailers or otherwise recycled.

Recently, All American has begun offering a paperless invoicing process and utilizing LEED design principals in the Office Solutions space planning and furniture programs.

Green Moving Practices Green Moving Practices